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Geosynthetics And Sustainability – GEOKunst Geosynthetics Magazine

The Netherlands chapter of the IGS, known as Nederlandse Geotextiel Organisatie (NGO-IGS), has released a special English language edition of its GEOKunst geosynthetics magazine with a focus on sustainability.

Two articles explore the topic. They are:

  • Geosynthetics; sustainability, durability and the environment’ by Wim Voskamp and Jan Retzlaff, which analyzes and evaluates the possibility of geosynthetics degrading into microplastics, and leaching hazardous substances, and how these effects can be counteracted. The plastic circular economy is explored, with details on quantities of used plastics per sector in Europe and the Netherlands, end-of-life approach, recycling techniques, and more.
  • Geosynthetics: responsible and sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact’ by Kent von Maubeuge, Rijk Gerritsen and Henning Ehrenberg describes the contribution of geosynthetics to respond to climate change by mitigation and adaptation. The article focuses on multiple applications of structures with geosynthetics to create sustainable, responsible and resilient climate-proof solutions.