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A study on mechanically stabilized earth wall lateral displacements reinforced with geosynthetics and steel strips using GeoStudio (2D) and Plaxis 3D

Discrete reinforcements such as metal or geosynthetic strips and geogrids are generally used for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls using precast concrete panel type wall facing. Considering discrete reinforced MSE walls, this study aims to show the lateral displacement behavior of the MSE walls. There will be three cases of MSE wall reinforced with geogrids, geo-strips and steel strips having different arrangements that are modelled and analyzed in staged construction using GeoStudio Sigma/W and Plaxis 3D software. The numerical simulation results showed that the 1.2m-width geogrids rein-forcement, regardless of having lesser stiffness, exhibited similar lateral displacement behavior compared with 0.05m-width steel strips having very high stiffness. Moreover, the narrow strip reinforcement with very low stiffness value exhibited slightly higher lateral displacements compared to wider geogrids. This may imply that MSE wall with precast concrete panel type wall facing that uses wider width of reinforce-ment can better sustain lateral displacements than narrow strip reinforcements.