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Analysis of the influence of buses on stability of slopes for recovery of ravines and voçorocas

This paper presents a technique for the control and repair of damages caused by erosive mechanisms using barriers normal to the erosion direction. This system has been used for temporary control of the production of sediments, although, if well adapted, this solution can be employed for permanent structures. Its efficiency as a permanent solution depends on local conditions. The advantages of such so-lution are: simplicity, low cost and the possibility of designing structures compatible with the load of sedi-ments, allowing a staged construction process without risking the stability of the barrier and of the gully slopes. To do so, the best solution is to build the structure to heights compatible with its strength. In this context, this paper analyses the influence of barriers on the stability of the slopes of gullies. The slope stability analyses were conducted aiming to verify if changes in geometry or soil degree of saturation might yield slope failures. To verify the stability of the lateral slopes of a gully several cases were investigated following the process of erosion repair expected in the field.