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Behavior of geosynthetic encased stone columns (GESC) under cyclic loading: Experimental study

Geosynthetic encasement around the stone columns in weak and lose ground can provide the additional confinement to the stone columns thus increasing their load carrying capacity and reducing lateral and vertical deformation. Studies on the stone columns under static loading are well known but the bearing mechanism of GESC under cyclic loading is not yet fully understood and cannot be forecasted. This research presents the results of an investigation on the load-bearing capacity, and reduction of verti-cal and lateral deformation of GESC under cyclic loading based on the laboratory reduced scale model tests. Based on the results of present investigation, it is seen that the stone column ultimate load reduced up to 34% under cyclic loading as compared to static loading but it can be confined by using proper stiff-ness geosynthetic encasement up to 25% as compared to without encasement (OSC).