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The paper will review briefly the key characteristics of BGM that make it a great op-tion for waterproofing dams, reservoirs, and irrigation canals.
For illustrating the use of BGM in hydraulic construction, the paper will review case studies where a bituminous geomembrane (BGM) was used.
In dam applications, the paper will review a 30-m high earth and rock fill dam in Peru, a 23-m high concrete dam in Chile, two earth and rock filled dams (42-m and 37-m high, respectively) in France. These dams are classified as high dams, per the definition established by the International Commis-sion on Large Dams, ICOLD.
In reservoir applications, the paper will mention two water reservoirs, the Mannes reservoir at the Bayard pass in the French Alps that provides water for irrigation and potable water for the city of Gap and the Waste Way 5 Re-Regulation Reservoir Project, Roza Irrigation District reservoir in Washington state, USA.
In canal lining, the paper will mention different case studies in the United States, Canada, and France – how the bituminous geomembrane (BGM) is a very viable technical and economical option for lining canals of different widths.
This paper will describe the projects mentioned above, the specific techniques and equipment used to build the impervious structures, and will detail the quality management that was applied.
Finally, for giving an idea about the longevity of the BGM, the paper will present the results of the survey done by the French Ministry of Agriculture on the condition of the BGM on a dam in Corsica after 30 years of service.