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Reinforced earth retaining wall of 13.3m height from Ground level is built by Z-Tech (In-dia) for road embankment on N21 [ Km 61.290-Km 61.650] between Kurali and Kiratpur Road, Punjab (India). Foundation soil consists of soft to medium grey silty clay / clayed silt for depth up to 10m. The soft/ loose strata upto 7.5m depth had negligible bearing strength and prone to both long term settlement and detrimental differential settlement. Water table was encountered between 0.9m and 1.6m depth and the area falls under seismic zone-IV as per Indian seismic code. It was suggested to install Pre-fabricated vertical drains (PVD)’s for ground improvement. Pre-fabricated vertical drains were proposed from depth 3m to 13m area. The subsoil was improved with 10m depth of prefabricated vertical drain placed in (1m×1m) square grid. Further construction of the reinforced earth retaining wall was proposed in three stages of 6.6m, 3.6m and 3.3m height – allowing sufficient time period for subsoil consolidation under each stage of loading. From the numerical analysis, it was found that total settlement of 425mm was ex-pected under the Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall. It was targeted to ensure that settlement should occur within construction period and no significant long-term settlement should be anticipated