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Case study: use of terramesh to recovery erosions in tailings and water reservoirs

Geotechnical Engineering has been increasingly challenged to develop projects that com-bine an excellent technique to the short lead time, low cost, high stability and sustainability in the pro-posed solutions. In this sense, has been in increasingly applicant using geosynthetic elements, once the versatility of this type of material allows the manufacturers make available continuously new products and solutions, with specific properties that best meet the needs of each project. The process of improving the performance of existing products is solid, based on research and the comments of geosynthetic behav-ior for certain type of work. The case study that will be presented demonstrates Green Terramesh system on recovery of erosions on the banks of a reservoir of water, which has been silted by tailings. The system is formed by association of a metallic mesh reinforcement double hex twist wire steel with low carbon coated with the metal alloy, a front facing the same cloth, associated with a Panel in geotextile, reinforced by steelrods and welded screen, supported by two metallic elements in the form of “French hand”, result-ing a high tensile strength and low elongation, with front facing able to develop vegetation. The dredged material was used to fill the sections and it was used a top soil of organic material to allow the growth of vegetation. On the base, it was used a mattress base with gabion blocks, to guarantee the safety and pro-tection against washout at the base. In order to ensure water drainage infiltration it was designed a drain formed by a “geocomposto” and corrugated pipe in polyethylene, with the downstream exit from the landfill.