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In this study, preventive measures for landslide activity are being addressed and 8-shaped geomat is proposed to curb this problem. The mechanical properties such as resistance to compression, flexural and pull out resistance of 8-shaped expanded polystyrene (EPS)-ferrocement are to be determined. End result is compared to previous study made of different materials. 8-shaped geomat is developed by using hand plaster method. Two types of mixture proportion are produced namely as EPB10 and EPB30 signifying that the mortar’s sand mix proportions are partially replaced with 10% and 30% of expanded polystyrene beads respectively. Compression and flexural is tested with Universal Testing Machine (UTM). Pull out test is performed in pull out box with sand as the backfill material. Test results show that both EPB10 and EPB30 have similar test results. Comparing to 8-shaped geomat made of fiberglass, used tires and ferrocement, expanded polystyrene based ferrocement has similar compressive strength, lower flexural force and lower pull out force.