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Comparative monitoring of a Geocomposite Drainage and a draining mask : 2-year-data analysis and moving forward

French site of one of the new high speed train line was equipped with temperatures and water content sensors, and with flow rate monitoring, in order to compare two techniques to ensure slope stability : traditional matter using granular materials and an alternative solution using a draining geocomposite. This paper presents the way the instrumentation was installed, and how this experimental site was monitored in order to follow the behavior of the geocomposite, the evolution of the flow during seasons, with respect to the traditional way, and to appreciate any potential clogging. Results show that both techniques project grounds below from rain infiltration and frost, that water occurrences are drained, with a distinction between the two techniques. In order to appreciate clogging and stability problems, the experiment must be followed with material improvement, such as increasing the battery life time or autonomous power supply.