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Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are increasingly used as hydraulic barriers in the construction of landfills and holding ponds. The low hydraulic ;conductivity of GCLs, the ease of placement, their resistance to freeze-thaw and ‘desiccation deterioration, as well as their ability to heal minor manufacturing or ‘placement defects make them well suited for these applications: However, the incompatibility bet;ween a GCL and a given permeant may adversely affect the. permeability of the’·GcL, and thus, may reduce the GCL’ s ability to act as a hydraulic barrier against the migration of the permeant.
The paper briefly presents several specific procedures which should be followed when performing permeability/compatibility testing on GCLs. Results of several compatibility studies are also presented where organic compounds as well as an aqueous solution containing mainly inorganic compounds were used as permeating fluids.