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Composite Behaviour of Geotextile Reinforced Embankment on Soft Clay

This paper presents some theoretical analyses of geotextile reinforced embankment constructed on soft soils. The results of the analyses were compared with the measured data obtained from the investigation of three full scale unreinforced and reinforced emb ents constructed to failure on soft Bangkok clay. One of the reinforced embankments comprised four layers nonwoven geotextile of low stiffitess modulus and the other a high strength nonwoven geotextile. Details, instrumentation and construction procedures of these emb ents are given. The results and benefits of different geotextile rei orcement systems on the behaviour of the embankments are highlighted. The theoretical analysis provides good correlation with the observed results which can be used as the basis for evaluating the performnance of geotextile reinforced base embankments constructed over highly compressible soft Asian clays.