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This paper presents test results and discusses the effects of immersion fluid on the physical and engineering properties (i.e. mass, density, strength, etc.) of reinforced and non-reinforced CSPE geomembrane. The U.S. EPA 9090 test as it applies to reinforced geomembranes will be discussed. Both reinforced and non­reinforced specimens were tested using U.S. EPA method 9090 with site-specific leachates from hazardous and industrial waste landfills. A parallel suite of tests was performed using potable water as the immersion fluid for control. An evaluation of test results of these materials was performed, in particular addressing the pronounced variability of U.S. EPA 9090 method test results for reinforced specimens and the absence of pronounced vari­ability for the specimens without reinforcing.
A suggested methodology for testing (modify U.S. EPA 9090 test method) and evaluation (broaden FLEX model to account for intended use of the geomembrane) of reinforced geomembrane relevant performance crite­ria for use in waste containment systems is developed. The results of the analysis performed demonstrate the need to modify the U.S. EPA 9090 test method for reinforced geomembranes and upgrade the FLEX program.