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This paper discusses the use of geotextile containment concrete mattress for erosion control works in channel applications. The system of geotextile contained concrete mattress is economical, easy to install, gives a durable revetment finish and is aesthetically pleasing. The unfilled concrete mattress is a geotextile formwork product that allows micro concrete to be pumped in. Two layers of high strength woven geotextiles are internally connected at regular conjoined filter points or with binding yarns which created the internal space to allow filling with micro concrete. When filled with micro concrete a durable surface that acts as an erosion protection surface results. Various types of concrete mattress in the market and typical applicability are described. Certain product designs result in a continuous concrete lining that effectively acts as a water barrier as well. This paper also details the use of such concrete mattress in the construction of drainage channels for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 Project in Malaysia.