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This Article features literature review of scientific material and manuals about design, in-stallation, maintenance and singularities of the use of silt fences, defining it and discoursing on the mate-rials that compose it, dynamics of its operation, design procedure and ASTM standards for its use. Pre-senting the advantages of its application and the disadvantages of its poor installation, or non-use, in places where surface erosion and soil sedimentation occurs for various reasons, presenting parameters for its proper location, aiming to propose more relevant studies for its correct use in Brazil, to thereby, pro-vide better control in the final deposition of sediments, protecting water bodies, sanitation systems and more. This study was carried out with the intention of creating a recommendation of use and installation for silt fences, studying their performance with the use of a variety of geosynthetics to the granulometry of the Brazilian soils in question. In order to perform this study, the ASTM standards were used in tests with the proposed geosynthetics, the data obtained in these analyzes were then arranged in commented tables, indicating which is the best use and in which granulometry each geosynthetic has the best perfor-mance. It is hoped, therefore, to ensure the correct use of these temporary barriers in various works, providing consultation and dimensioning material compatible with the accelerated quotidian of construc-tion sites.