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PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) was developed in 1941 is being widely used for bottle, film and electric component in whole industry because it has lightweight and good mechanical properties. As a bad results of its use in large quantities, million ton of PET garbage are being wasted every year only in Korea, numerous amount all around world. Many countries and relating companies are trying to devel-op the recycling technology for PET garbage. But, they are having a hard time because mechanical proper-ties of recycled PET are becoming more inferior from an engineering point of view. Furthermore, recy-cling costs are expensive more than disposal expenses. A series of laboratory experiments were carried out to seek physical and mechanical properties of possible construction materials using recycled PET gar-bage. It was cleared that recycled PET materials could be used as various construction materials in terms of strength (uniaxial compressive strength is 30 MPa or more) and rigidity. But, recycled PET materials seems to have the great disadvantage of large brittleness. When recycled PET is mixed with glass fiber or carbon fiber, the brittleness of it is greatly reduced, and then it is likely to be used as some construction materials.