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There is increasfog awareness of the potential for biologicafclogging of die leacliate collection systems beneath Municipal Solid Waste landfills. This study investigated the effect of exposure to leachate of three different geotextiles. Falling head tests were carried out in a modified permeameter using a four day interval between tests. Aerobic conditions were allowed beneath the underside of the geotextile tested, and the leachate was collected from a landfill that was in the metl}anogenic phase of development. Comparative tests were carried out using tap water. In the tests using landfill leachat , biological clogging resulted in up to 80% loss in hydraulic conductivity in only one month, whereas with tap water losses stabilised at about 20%. In the light of the findings of this study, together with previously published results, it is suggested tha a potential solution is the treatment of geotextiles with an antimicrobial agent at the time of manufacture.