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The effect of non-woven geotextiles on mechanical behavior of sand were investigated. A comprehensive series of triaxial compression tests were performed for these investigation on unreinforced and reinforced sand with geotextiles. The Joomumjin standard sand was used and non-woven geotextiles were included into sand specimen with three layers. The inclusion of non-woven geotextile reinforcement into sand increased the peak strength of sand significantly and the reinforced samples exhibited a greater axial strain at failure. Also the effect on number of reinforcement layers was studied and found as increasing the number of reinforcement layers resulting in more ductility by clogging developed in the shear band within the specimens. It was also found that the tendency of samples to dilate is restricted by non-woven geotextile inclusion. The effect of number of reinforcement layer increasing is just same to the effect of decreasing void ratio of sand in this case.