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Evaluation of seepage behavior considering tidal effect at offshore waste landfill with geosynthetic liner

In this study, the seepage behavior according to the extended installation of geosynthetic liner upon seabed was evaluated. Transient external water level was applied based on the tidal variation. Results show that net discharge out of landfill is positive even the internal water level was same as mean seawater level. Net discharge kept minus value while the internal water level maintained two meter lower than seawater level. Strong seepage was shown at the joint part and the net discharge out of landfill was more than 1.5 m3/year/m2. The amount of discharge was significantly decreased even one meter of exten-sion on seabed. It is recommended to extend the installation of geomembrane liner on the clayey seabed in order to prevent seepage from the joint part between two different cutoff layers.