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This article considers the evaluation of the effectiveness of permeable paver when submit-ted to loads and to contact with pluvial water. The use of the permeable paver is an option to assist the drainage processes. However, it has been used without considering the infiltrating water that enters in contact with the structure of the pavement, causing the pumping of fines and harming all of its stability. Therefore, it was aimed to prove through tests, the loss of the bearing loading support of the permeable paver’s structure when it is saturated. Three distinct tests had been carried out through in equipment de-veloped by Góngora (2015), which consisted of the cyclic load application on the structure with dry and saturated base, for the first and second test respectively, and in the third test the load was applied on a structure that was reinforced with a woven geotextile and then saturated. The loads were applied with a frequency of 1Hz and with an intensity of approximately 18.2kN. The test was finished when the vertical displacement of the structure reached 25 mm. The structure with the dry base bore the application of 20.230 load cycles, the saturated structure bore the application of 2.230 load cycles and the saturated rein-forced structure bore 19.457 load cycles. After said tests were carried out, it was possible to verify the in-fluence of water in the structure’s stability and also the necessity of counting on reinforcement between the layers of this pavement, thus guaranteeing a larger bearing loading support.