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In this paper, an experimental and numerical investigation on behavior of uplift capacity of plate anchor with different diameters embedded in sand has been carried out. Two series of uplift loading tests were conducted in this study. First series of tests were in unreinforced sand and the second series of tests were in sand reinforced with multi-layers of geonet. To perform these tests, an apparatus was made for uplift loading on plate anchors embedded in a soil tank of size 0.6×0.6×0.6 m. Several parameters varied such as number of geonet layers (0 to 4), the embedment depth ratio (H/B=2, 3 and 4), and relative densities of sand (medium and dense conditions). It was observed that for all cases, the slope of uplift force-displacement curves remained constant in first stage; then, it was reduced until the ultimate failure of anchors. It has been observed that uplift force at failure increased, as the number of geonet layers increased, but for 4 layers, the increased load was negligible in comparison with 3 layers geonet. By drawing breakout factor diagrams versus embedment depth ratio, it was concluded that with increasing embedment depth ratio for anchor with different diameters breakout factor has been increased. Finite element analyses have also been conducted to compare the pullout load-displacement results with experimental observations.