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The behavior of a composite synthetic lining system placed on a landfill with vertical rock slopes has been modeled through F.E.M. The composite synthetic liner has been considered fixed to the top of the rock and anchored along the rock face with a group of bolts. The stresses induced in the system have been analyzed. These were: -thermal actions;
– self consolidation of the waste;
– combined effect of temperature and waste settlement.
The length, the strength and the arrangement of the anchorage have been defined by a trial and error process. Allowable stress/strain condition for the composite synthetic lining system have been defined. The F.E.M. study has · been carried out in Plane-Strain condition in order to assess the forces induced by self consolidation of the waste mass, and in Plane-Stress condition in order to assess the stresses and strains induced in the system by the external forces.