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Geosynthetic reinforcement in distressed canal embankment in Gujarat, India : a case study

Large canals in embankment generally face the issues of stability. Phreatic line and pore water pressure are the important aspects to focus on. In case of usage of improper material or non-compliance with the technical specifications, the canal can not perform as per design and manifests seri-ous problems during operation. The paper discusses such a case study of a huge canal with 583.57 cubic meters per second as the designed discharge and embankment height of more than 9 meter that manifest-ed serious distress immediately after construction. The paper includes details as to how and why the canal breached and how it was restored using geosynthetics as reinforcement. Main thrust is on the fact that an impossible-looking problem could be effectively solved using geosynthetics. Gujarat state of India is known for its pioneering role in applications of geosynthetics in canals. An innovative way of working out solution of a very complex problem and, that too, amongst many constraints as described in the paper categorically underlines the importance of applying geosynthetics in addressing the real world problems of the present time.