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GEOSYNTHETICS FOR SOFT GROUND IMPROVEMENT -Prefabricated Vertical Drains, Vacuum/Electro-Osmotic/Heat Preloading

Using geosynthetics in soft ground improvement is one of the main applications of geosynthetics. Firstly the recent developments on the methods for determining design parameters, and the methods for consolidation and deformation analyses in soft ground improvement using geosynthetics, especially prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs), are discussed. The current states of using electro-PVD(EPVD) and thermo-PVD(TPVD) in soft ground improvement are also reviewed. There are six (6) papers submitted to this session. The issues addressed by the papers are hybrid techniques for soft ground improvement; using suction induced by siphon to consolidate the soft clayey ground; deformation characteristics of PVD during consolidation process; a case history of an embankment on PVD improved subsoil and a case study of stabilizing a landslide using horizontal geosynthetic drains.