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Geosynthetics are now being recognized as essential construction materials that can be used to facilitate construction, ensure better performance of the structures and reduce the long-term maintenance in routine civil engineering works. The creative use of geosynthetics in geo-engineering practice is expected to continuously expand as innovative materials and products are becoming available. In this paper, the use of geosynthetics in underground construction, tunnels in particular, is discussed. Fundamentals of drainage and waterproofing in transportation as well as hydraulic tunnels are first introduced. The geosynthetic filter design principles and their applicability to the tunnel drainage/filter design are also presented. Also presented was the results of a comparative study on various types of geocomposite for their potential use in the tunnel drainage system. The effect of deterioration of tunnel drainage system on the structural performance of tunnel lining was also discussed with illustrative example tunnel problems. Practical applications of geosynthetics relevant for tunnel engineering are also highlighted with emphasis on the issues associated with the geotextile filter application for use in the tunnel drainage system.