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Horizontal displacements of reinforced soil walls from limit equilibrium calculations

The present paper is aimed to present a model for obtaining the horizontal displacements of reinforced soil walls directly from the results of LEM calculations in SLS conditions. Simplified yet real-istic hypotheses are introduced on the distribution of the tensile force along each reinforcement layer; the isochronous curves of each type of reinforcement present in the wall design are used to evaluate the strains associated with the tensile force values, at different elapsed time from construction starting; the in-tegral of the strains along each layer provides the horizontal displacement for that layer; corrections are introduced to reduce the displacements taking into account the stiffness of the facing system and the pres-ence of total or partial restrain at toe. The proposed method has been validated with two instrumented walls, available in literature. It affords realistic value of horizontal displacements, yet still on the safe side, hence it can be a very valuable tool for performing the displacement analyses required in SLS condi-tions.