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How do certification schemes of geosynthetics make expected benefits of the use of geosynthetics more reliable

Many of the last studies about the use of geosynthetics impacts deal with the reduction of the negative impacts on the Environnement and the overall costs of the civil engineering works: reduction of the CO2 emission, reduction of the cumulated energy demand, increase of the durability and reduction of the maintenance during the phase of use of the civil engineering works (1).
These benefits are related to the many factors as:
– the knowledges of the geosynthetics by the engineering and design offices in charge of draw up the technical contract conditions;
– the quality and consistency of the geosynthetics products characteristics;
– the installation of geosynthetics products;
– the durability of the geosynthetics products characteristics.
In a view to provide a clear and confident information on the geosynthetics products and products manufactured with high quality specifications for ensuring the repeatability of the products characteristics, a French non benefit organisation (ASQUAL) has developed several certification schemes on geotextiles and geomembranes, geomembranes application services (welding and construction site managing).
This article aims to provide information on the added value of the certification for all geosynthetics stakeholders, including both main contractors and prescribers in civil engineering than geosynthetics producers or products applicators.