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Influence of slurry density on strength and deformation property of liquefied stabilized soil reinforced with paper

In Japan, the Liquefied-Stabilized Soil (LSS), which is one of premixing cement treatedsoil, has been popular as a recycling method for excavated soil. On the other hand, in current situation in Vietnam, the soils excavated from construction sites are becoming a serious problem. It becomes more and more difficult to find reclamation sites for excavated soil to be disposed. Because of the lack of reclamation sites, it causes the environmental pollution. Therefore, this serious problems can be solved if LSS will be applied in Vietnam. In general, LSS is made based on standard design chart of mixture proportion. Recently, in order to improve more advantages of LSS, there are some suggestions that LSS can be decreased a slurry density to reduced vertical earth pressure. However there is a lack of study on strength and deformation properties of the LSS decreased to slurry density. In this study, influence of slurry density on strength and deformation properties of LSS reinforced with fiber material was discussed. A series of Consolidated-Undrained triaxial compression tests (CUB tests) have been carried out for LSS reinforced with different fiber content (i.e. 0, 10 kg/m3) prepared by two slurry densities at curing days of 28 days. Based on the test results, it was found that the strength of LSS prepared by low slurry density decreased, and an effect of reinforcement was seen on strength and deformation of LSS prepared by low slurry density.