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Laboratory investigation of internal drainage on the deformation behavior of geosynthetics reinforced soil wall (GRSW) during rainfall

Global warming is now considered to be one of greatest threats to the earth. The direct consequence of temperature increases due to the global warming include a rise in sea level and a change in the amount and pattern of precipitation. Since the amount of precipitation have of dominant inferences to the short and long-term performance of geo-structure, geo-engineers should pay attention to the progeny of global warming. In this paper, the results of laboratory investigation to check the performance of geosynthetic reinforced soil wall (GRSW) along with horizontal drain layers (HGG) by using hybrid geogrid are presented. A series of model tests were performed using reduced scale model wall to check the effect of internal drainage layers and rainfall intensity parameters to evaluate the behavior of reinforced wall under rainfall. The results of present study indicate that the use of HGG in an effective way can significantly reduce not only reinforced wall failure but also reduce the wall displacement as well as backfill soil water content.