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The paper pertains to the use of flexible gabion structures for landslide, road protection and river training works. The general phenomena of landslide and erosion can be explained as modification of the equilibrium condition of soil at specific surfaces due to a natural configuration or due to a human activity. The protection works for such cases are categorised as rigid, flexible or loose material structures. Gabion and Reno mattresses being flexible structures have added advantages. The internal structure details of the gabions and Reno mattresses such as opening size, double twist mesh, hexagonal shape, wire diameter, extent of galvanisation, diaphragms and joint details play an important role in the functioning of the structure as a whole. The gabions can be used in the form of weirs or longitudinal protection works for training of rivers whereas for landslide and road protection works they can be used in the form of retaining structures or reinforced earth structures.