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Load bearing and deformation behavior of unreinforced and reinforced working platforms for mobile construction machines – new findings from field and model experiments

Variety of construction projects, such as the erection of wind turbines and the production of deep foundations requires the use of heavy machinery on soft and unsustainable surfaces. Temporary work-ing platforms in the form of on-poured and compacted, partially with geosynthetics reinforced earthworks are created here. In this context, there is an urgent need for optimization, since often the requirements of construction machinery are not correlated with the prepared work platforms and for the design of such temporary work platforms from unreinforced and reinforced base courses there are currently no generally accepted technical regulations. Within the framework of the research project “Supporting Layers for Work-ing Platforms for Mobile Construction Machinery and Crane surfaces” at the Institute for Geotechnical Engineering of the University of Stuttgart, the load-bearing mechanism of reinforced and unreinforced base courses and the complex interaction between construction machine and subsoil will be investigated by a combination of field and model experiments with numerical simulations.