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Performance of Full Scale Embankment on Soft Bangkok Clay with Geogrid Reinforcement

A fulf scale and fully instrumented test embankment was built to 6 m high with Tenax TT 201 SAMP geogrid reinforcements. The performance evaluation of the full scale test embankment covers the period of nine months since the beginning of construction. Presently, the test embankment is stable despite large lateral deformation and settlements. The latest monitored value indicated maximum lateral ground movement at 3 to 4 m depth and surface settlement at the center of embankment to be 160 mm and 75 cm, respectively. The grid reinforcement was found to be loaded with 2.3 kN/m corresponding to 4.2 % of the ultimate load of 55 kN/m. In addition, the location of the failure plane or the maximum tension line, neither follow the Coulomb/Rankine line of the Tie Back Wedge Method or the bilinear failure plane as proposed by Coherent Gravity Method. . Compared to the previous performance of other reinforced embankment, the polymer Tenax TT 201 SAMP geogrid can be a viable reinforcement material.