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The numerical modelling of an embankment, reinforced at its base with a geogrid and installed vertical drains at its foundation subsoil, has been carried out using the computer programme CRISP. The objective of this paper is to illustrate how stmple concepts can be used with certain accuracy in numerical modelling of an embankment with geogrids and vertical drains. Geogrids are modelled without incorporating the stiffness com­ponent of bar element in the forrnation of global stiffness matrix. The actual stress-strain and direct shear behaviour of the geogrid is utilised .externally, considering equilibrium and compatibility conditions. This procedure model the actual behaviour of the geogrid instead of the usage of approximated constitutive relations in FEM analysis. Two different models of vertical drains, based on consolidation theories, were studied in this analysis to incorporate 3-D axisy1 111netric behaviour of dra n into 2-0 behaviour in order to perform plane strain embankment analysis.