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Regulations and recommendations describing the use of geosynthetic barriers – A brief summary of regulated applications

Over the past 40 years, the advantages in utilizing geosynthetic barriers versus traditional barrier materials have been well documented: greater project economy, extended service lives, enhanced environmental protection, greater site safety, etc. Achievements such as conserving water resources and enabling beneficial site reuse (e.g., remediation) have even given geosynthetic engineering a level of so-cial importance. As such, the use of geosynthetic barriers has increasingly been required. This is especial-ly true in modern waste management cell design, a barrier application that has been so successful it has in-fluenced the design and specification of geosynthetics into mining, water and wastewater, and industrial applications. However, there are regions and applications in which the use of these barrier technologies should be more widely adopted. This paper highlights an overview of applications where geosynthetic barriers are used and where regulation or recommendations are available.