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Repairs underwater of a HDPE liner by using a bituminous geomembrane of a density more than 1

A case of history will be given of a gold mine in Spain, the Tailing reservoir (TMF) waterproof with HDPE presented various defects (around 256) The mine asking extension, repairs on these defects were requested by the authorities to be fixed to obtain the necessary authorizations to operate and manage the installation.
As a technical solution for the defects found, it was proposed to use a bituminous geomembrane with a density higher than l g/cm3 and an adhesive, which allow each different surface to be glue underwater by a process named vulcanization an also seal the joins.
The solution applies had fixed the defects and had achieved the authorities request to obtain the authorization to operate and manage the TMF.
The article will also describe the results obtain after 5 weeks of installing the solution proposed.
ln conclusion, the article will comment other specific jobs showing example of possible extension of tailings pond in HDPE by bituminous geomembrane with 1,600 km of seams (HDPE/bituminous geomembrane) in North of Canada in a diamond mine. In the same time, we will indicate the lowest temperature for installing and welding bituminous geomembrane and the worst weather conditions for installing bituminous geomembrane.
Another case history will be given for constructing a port in La Reunion Island and for assuming the separation between clear and salt water.