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Static response of geogrid reinforced soil walls with wrap around facing resting on firm foundation to the externally imposed strip load is presented in this study. A series of small-scale experimental tests was performed on the model geogrid reinforced soil walls with geofoam inclusion varying the placement position of strip load over reinforced zone to backfill. Experimental analysis was performed in a prefabricated MS strong box. A thick glass panel was fixed on the front side of the strong box so as to capture movements in experimental models. Wrap around facing technique was used to represent the flexible facing conditions. Reinforcement spacing and reinforcement length was adopted to be 0.084H and 0.7H respectively. Surcharge loading was applied on each model in the form of 0.05m wide strip load at 0.5Lr and at 1.78Lr from the crest of the wall. Each model test was monitored through front glass of the strong box using digital camera. Series of images were taken at fixed time interval for each test. Digital image analysis was performed on captured images to evaluate the movements in geogrid reinforced soil wall models at pre-failure and failure conditions. The post failure investigation was performed to assess the rupture points in the geogrid layers at failure of the geogrid reinforced soil wall models. Geogrid reinforced soil wall models were evaluated in terms of reinforcement strains and wall face movements. A significant reduction in wall face movements (upto 59.8%) and peak strains (upto 42%) were observed due to geofoam inclusion.