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Soil improvement techniques are used to improve the engineering properties of soils. One of the soil improvement methods is the addition of substances such as fibers within cemented sands. In scope of this research, the static behavior of fiber reinforced sand mixed with 3% cement is determined by performing laboratory tests. Conducted laboratory tests are unconfined compression test and flexure tensile strength test. Sand samples are mix with 3% cement and 0, 0.1% and 0.2% fiber. All samples are prepared with modified proctor hammer, mixed with optimum water content and maximum dry density. Cylindrical sample are prepared in 5 layers and prismatic samples were prepared in 3 layers. To study the effect of cure duration on shear strength and tensile stress, samples are tested after 7 days and 28 days. To study the effect of saturation on axial stress and tensile stress sand samples saturated for 1 day following 27 days cure duration. As the fiber ratio and cure duration increase, unconfined axial stress and tensile stress increase. Saturation causes a reduction in unconfined stress and tensile stress.