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The use of PVC geomembranes in tunnels and underground structures-special testable and reparable waterproofing systems

The use of PVC geomembranes for waterproofing applications in tunnels and underground structures has been widely used for many years all over the world.
Nevertheless, the application of a PVC waterproofing geomembrane can be subject to different risks of mistakes and damages that may compromise the proper functioning of the system.
Special waterproofing systems have been developed for tunneling and underground structures in general in last years that can be checked and repaired after the application and also after the completion of the structures.
The purpose of this presentation is to describe the main quality controls to adopt during the production of a PVC geomembrane, the design and the construction phases of a waterproofing system and to analyze the different systems that can be adopted by the designers and the main procedures to repair the different wa-terproofing systems in case of accidental damages.