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Different methods such as consolidation, stabilisation, grouting and reinforcing the soil etc. are normally adopted for improving the mechanical properties of soil. Mechanical properties of soil can also be improved by using Geotextile as reinforcing material and this method leads to overall economy. Different properties of soil which can be improved by using geotextile are shear strength, permeability, consolidation, slope stability, bearing capacity, resistance to erosion etc. Resistance to deformation of soil is the shear strength which is one of the most important properties of soil. Shear strength of soil is improved by increasing friction, draining and confinement by using Geotextile.
The type of Geotextile, the position and placing of Geotextile, type of soil may also affect the improvement of soil properties. It is necessary to find out the type, position and the way of placing of Geotextile.
Extensive experimentation was carried out to find the improvement in shear strength of cohesive and C- soils with H.D.P.E. Geotextile as reinforcement in different positions and different directions. It was observed that the shear strength of cohesive soils can be increased by about 11 to 21 % and that of the sandy soils by about 27 to 75 %. It was also noticed that the placement of Geotextile at an angle of 13 5 degrees with horizontal increases the shear strength to maximum possible extent. Increase in shear strength will result in increasing the bearing capacity of soil. Results of experimentation are discussed in the present paper.