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Watch: The Launch Of The IGS Foundation

Exciting details about the new IGS Foundation have been revealed in a launch video.

The broadcast made its exclusive debut at GeoAmericas 2020.  Delegates learned more about the organization’s aim to improve geosynthetics education and acceptance worldwide. The video also urged individuals and businesses to get involved.


The IGS Foundation was formed in late 2019 and aims to boost efforts to increase the understanding of geosynthetics worldwide through education programs, adding to existing IGS initiatives such as Educate the Educators.

The organization has already secured sponsorship from industry stars including geosynthetics pioneer J.P. Giroud, as well as businesses such as TRI Environmental, Solmax, SKAPS, and others, so far raising more than $100,000 in donations.

The Foundation recently supported 19 engineering students by providing scholarships for them to attend the virtual GeoAmericas 2020, giving these young people a unique opportunity they might not have otherwise had.

Boyd Ramsey, Secretary and Treasurer of the IGS Foundation, explained the huge potential to make a larger worldwide impact in spreading understanding and adoption of geosynthetics; a key task given the global challenges facing the construction industry today.

“The IGS and the geosynthetics industry are facing several challenges so the industry efforts need to continue to grow, for example shouting about the sustainable contributions of geosynthetics. The IGS can be at the forefront of these efforts on a global basis, but it needs support and funding – that’s where the IGS Foundation comes in,” he said.

He also paid tribute to the founding sponsors for giving back something to an industry that has been good to them, and appealed for others to do their bit too.

Foundation Chairman Jacques Cote told viewers that the Foundation was dedicated to “better education leading to better knowledge, leading to a better world.”

IGS Foundation Value Wheel from IGS Foundation Launch Video

Along with Mr Ramsey and Mr Cote, Foundation trustees include Ian Fraser, Dr. Jorge Zornberg and Dr. Fumio Tatsuoka.

Contact Boyd Ramsey at for more information on getting involved in and donating to the IGS Foundation.