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A mekong delta experience: Protecting the riverbanks with geotextile sand containers

The Mekong Delta is located in the Southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River ap-proaches and empties into the sea. A network of distributaries branches off from the main river forming the river delta. This area is Vietnam’s most productive region in agriculture and aquaculture sustaining approximately 17 million inhabitants who rely on these activities. Erosion on the distributaries causes failures to the riverbanks which threaten the life and activities in the region. A need to rectify the problem arises and the authorities are actively seeking for remedial solutions. A remedial solution was proposed using geotextile sand filled containers. The soft engineering solution attracted the authority’s interest and a trial section was constructed. The section consists of a 50 m long riverbank facing the erosion problem. A civilian access road situated directly besides the section makes it critical for immediate remedial work. The location of this section at the curve of the river makes it a suitable choice to test out the workability of sand container solutions towards critical local conditions. Further details of this trial project are elabo-rated in this paper.