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As part of the research used to protect slopes from erosion with traditional three-dimensional geocells, our engineers found 2 core problems: a) cell aggregate instability at inclined angles steeper than 45 degrees and b) aggregate being washed out from the cells when exposed to water flow. On the search for a solution to these problems, we have developed a new approach of geocell solution based on a slope collapse case in Russia. The new concept of geocell which is weld-free polymer three-dimensional cell is introduced as weld-free geocell made of polymer tape with transverse cuts and delivered in the form of rolls in order to facilitate transportation, storage and installation. Weld-free geocell is actively being introduced into hydrotechnical, road and civil construction all over the world. The result of the successful experience of using weld-free geocell can serve such objects: slope strengthening in an industrial park in Vietnam, slope reconstruction in Moscow, etc. As a result of the active implementation of weld-free geocell, technical and economic advantages were revealed in comparison with traditional three-dimensional geocells, reno mattresses, hydroseeding, and geomats. The main advantages of weld-free geocell are: high soil fixation on a slope due to the cell walls being perpendicular to the horizon, improved drainage properties, reduced cost per square meter up to 50% compared to other materials, accelerated installation process. Also, full-scale tests of weld-free geocell were carried out, including in accordance with ASTM D 6459-15, the results of which have developed methods for selecting weld-free geocell parameters for protecting slopes and for calculating structures.