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Geogrids are widely used in reinforcement of soil in various geotechnical and civil engi-neering applications. For road and cement reinforcement, the open grid structures further enhance and fa-cilitate the bonding of the woven textile structure with the surrounding material (asphalt, cement matrix or soil). Existing geogrids such as biaxial warp-knitted fabrics and leno woven fabrics have limited shear strength or production speed. In this work a process is presented that uses a full cross rotating disk-type leno-technology, that is being developed in cooperation with the German supplier for weaving accessories Gebr. Kloecker GmbH allowing the twisting of warp yarns to entangle inserted weft yarns with rotation angles of up to 720°. The twisting of the warp yarns leads to an increased compaction of the warp yarns and hence to a decreased coating material consumption. Furthermore, due to the twist of the warp yarns, an increased shifting strength can be achieved by increasing the yarn friction at the points of entangle-ment; as a result of the robustness of the grid structure the subsequent process steps such as coating, as well as the handling by the user are promoted. Within this work the results of producing and testing multi-rotation leno weaves with high mesh width of at least 20 mm, are presented.