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The present work describes the main technical aspects related to geosynthetic coastal protection in “Punta Negra” Dam, San Juan, Argentina. Concrete Block Mattress system was placed in the embankment of the new route n°12. Geosynthetic solution appears as an alternative for the traditional rock armour. A polypropylene woven geotextile with loops was used; do to its high tensile strength and good adherence with concrete blocks. Geosynthetics was chosen for several advantages in comparison with traditional methods. It represented a cost effective solution, reducing the environmental impact and the construction period. In this way, geosynthetic coastal protection avoided exploding over 1.000.000m3 of mountain to obtain rocks. This paper describes the design methodology used and the contractor execution method for over 100.000 sqm of coastal protection at a rate of 70 Concrete Block Mattresses per day.