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The mining sector is one of the main economic engines of Mexico, its development generates social benefits such as the generation of jobs and investment attracting construction important companies. This sector contributes substantially on the Gross Domestic Product being the forth item, with the contribution of twenty-four of the thirty-two states of the Mexican Republic with the richer mining potential.
Due to this importance of the mining economy, it is necessary to always keep all the areas involved in the mining process in operation. A specific case was the “Rey de Plata” polymetallic mine project, located in the state of Guerrero (Mexico), that will provide 4.7 million ounces of silver per year. The problem was affecting the slopes of the beneficiation plants, where the product extracted from the mineralization zone is processed. These slopes suffered superficial erosion mainly due to extreme natural agents as water and wind that little by little stole fine material and favored the formation of preferential trajectories (furrows).
The solution used to counteract this erosive process involve the use of a high-flexibility three-dimensional geocomposite that presents more than 90% of voids in conjunction with anchors of steel bars which are placed in a staggered pattern to ensure proper fixation to the superficial part of the slope. Later the system will benefit the natural growth of the vegetation and a superficial stabilization through the anchoring of grass and plant roots.