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Design and construction of a stabilization work for a landslide using reinforced soil slope with geocells face

The present document consists in the application of reinforced soil slope with geocells face (RSS-GF) for the construction of a stabilization work a landslide. The using geocells face allows the vegetation that is required completions in the environmental recovery of mining works. It is an environmental civil application based on physical stability concepts that was developed during the design stage, during the construction stage and concluded at the operation stage.
In this way, this work includes a referential framework in which the context, the environment and the background for the design of reinforced soil slopes and the environmental recovery of sectors intervened by the mining industry.
The methodology used to carry out the design was the analysis of physical-environmental stability and even economic and functional, to support the advantages of the solution of reinforced soil slope with geocells face with respect to conventional solutions of earthworks, works of armed concrete or gabions inclusive. The functionality and durability of the solution proposal were also analyzed, including integration of revegetation and drainage to ensure the integrity of the application.
The results of the design and construction allowed demonstrating the functionality, stability and innovation of the use of geocells and geogrids in the recovery of civil-environmental works for the mining industry. Once again, the use of geosynthetics demonstrates its credibility in its use for the development of civil projects.