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Geocells have several applications. This paper presents an innovative view of the geocells to construct a small check dam for the first time in South Asia. The check dam discussed in this case study is near Satpara, Madhya Pradesh, India. The check dam was constructed as “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” by a corporate entity to enhance ground water recharge for the nearby farmlands. The height of the dam is 3.8m from stream bed up to the crest. The spillway comprises a series of pipes below the crest, supplemented by a trapezoidal opening at one end. The site is remote and almost inaccessible for construction vehicles. It was therefore proposed to construct the check dam with HDPE geocells. Geocells which are easily carried as manual load to the site. The geocells were infilled with locally available non-plastic granular material and the outermost cells on the upstream and downstream sides were infilled with concrete to avoid erosion of material from the outer cells and to restrict ingress of water into the body of the check dam. To relieve any possible build-up of pore water pressures within the body, suitable weep hole pipes have been provided thorough the downstream side. With the use of geocells, the work was carried out with minimum manpower and equipment. Construction commenced in mid-May 2018 and was completed by end-June 2018, well in time before the onset of the South West monsoons.