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The Authors present a case study of a container yard near Kidderpore Docks, Kolkata, In-dia on the banks of the Hooghly River. The surface stratum comprises of ±3m thick fill, construction de-bris in clay matrix with significant voids. This is underlain by soft marine clay. Standard loaded contain-ers will be placed maximum four-high in close clusters. To effectively reduce imposed pressures at the fill and subsoil levels, two layers of HDPE geocells, two layers of rigid biaxial PP geogrids and nonwoven geotextiles have been judiciously designed and placed, along with concrete paver blocks at the surface.
By avoiding the conventional layer of dense lean concrete, there is considerable savings in capital costs and construction time. The proposed cross section of the paving system also minimises differential set-tlement besides reducing imposed bearing pressures. With this system, the maintenance cycle is extended which not only reduces downtime, but also life cycle costs.