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In the sun·111ter of 1980, a geotextile-reinforced steep earth dam was built, using ter woven fabric. The purpose was to investigate construction techniques and greening and tion systems. The dam, with an overall length of 50 m, was built with 2:1 and 4:1 slopes, partly sand and clay as fill. The investigations planned for the project concerned the functioning of the surface covering de­signed to protect the fabric from over-exposure to UV-radiation, and the endurence properties of the reinforcing fabric. The dam was removed 13′-·years after its construction, and the following soil properties were inves­tigated: compaction, angle of friction, bearing capacity, particle distribution, moisture content and pH. After recovery of the fabric, residual strength and modulus of fabric and yarns, as well as polymer degradation of the yarns, were measured. This paper presents the results and conclusions.