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Effect of anchor system on bearing capacity of coir geotextile reinforced beds

Scarcity of land with good bearing capacity is one of the major problems the world faces now. This leads to the construction of buildings on available land which may not be good with respect to its bearing capacity. For safety of buildings it is there for necessary to improve the quality of ground by the adoption of some suitable ground improvement technique. The method of ground improvement technique adopted depends on the soil to be treated and the availability of materials required for improving the soil and also on the cost effectiveness. Development of suitable ground improvement technique has been one of the major challenges of geotechnical engineers for more than a century. Effort of geotechnical engineers is to develop technically viable and economically feasible methods to improve the properties of soil to suit the requirements of engineering structures. In this present study, the effect of coir geotextile anchor system on ultimate bearing capacity is investigated by a series of plate load tests in the laboratory. The influence of parameters such as number of geotextile anchor system, width of geotextile and distance between geotextile layers in sand bed is studied. It has been observed that an increase in bearing capacity and reduction in the foundation settlement with increase in width and number of layers.