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One of the biggest problems of asphalt pavements are cracks along with rutting and ravel-ling. Studies have shown that relatively rigid asphalt pavements which withstand well permanent defor-mations are often prone to cracking – these are usually induced by temperature or caused by fatigue. In cold climate frost heave cracks are also very common. In these cases, just an overlay to restore pavement condition index would last usually from one to few years depending on the cause of the cracks and thick-ness of the new layer until reflective cracks appear. Many solutions have proposed and tested against re-flective cracks like SAMI layers, but countries with cold climate have to also consider frost heave where latter is not effective. The aim of the work was to create a guideline for choosing the appropriate solution using geosynthetics for long lasting overlay over distressed pavement for cold climate conditions. The guideline is based on the results from different test sections over Estonia where variety of products and solutions were used. Also experiences from other countries with cold climate were considered along with published data from the literature.